Example: http://www.camwhores.tv/videos/206198/j-ckplusjill-anal/

Example: http://user5.camwhores.tv/remote_control.php?time=1485616108&cv=1e82c13243fcf2bd0bf13c1263ddad77&lr=312500&cv2=9a5c5664d6ad67446840807c17c95ead&file=%2F177000%2F177444%2F177444.mp4&cv3=3a4110051cef9a72797a1ca99a1dce56

Your browser does not support the video tag.‘;
echo ‘
Download video‘;
echo ‘

Error while fetching video. Make sure you post a correct URL, or try to change ddl link



How to get random public video ddl link

Example is made by using Video DownloadHelper, but you can use any video downloader plugin.
Download Video DownloadHelper for chrome

Download Video DownloadHelper for firefox

Then choose any public video (apart from openload player), play the video and follow these steps:

Alternative way to get ddl link without using plugin

– Find a random public video, click play
– Browse the code until you find the video tag, it should look like this
– Open src URL, it should lead you to the ddl link